Bio chemical/Analytical Instruments

Bio chemical/Analytical Instruments

Biochemistry is the branch of science that explores the chemical processes within and related to living organisms. It is a laboratory based science that brings together biology and chemistry. By using chemical knowledge and techniques, biochemists can understand and solve biological problems.

These instruments are helpful to determine the structures of new chemical substances, new materials, impurities and reaction products created in all industrial fields and in vivo metabolites handled in medical fields.

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Gauges, Micrometers and Calipers - Willrich Precision Instrument Company, Inc.

80 Broadway
United States 07626

Willrich Precision Instrument - Thread gauges, cylindrical gauges, micrometers and calipers.

PNTOSA(Para Nitro Toluene Ortho Sulphonic Acid)

Trend India, K - 1/21 & 22, GIDC, Kalol (N.G.)

Trend India is a one of best company in India who manufacturing Para Nitro Toluene Ortho Sulphonic ...