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Adare Pharmaceuticals

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For decades, the company has successfully overcome complex formulation challenges in specialized and diverse therapeutic categories such as cardiovascular, pain management, GI and CNS, delivering medicines that benefit patients.

Using proprietary technologies, including taste masking and ODTs, customized drug release and bioavailability enhancement, Adare has demonstrated the unique ability to transform drug formulations and create novel Rx and OTC products.

In addition, Adare can add valuable IP to commercialized products and products in development for business partners worldwide. With global R&D and manufacturing facilities, Adare brings complex products from development to commercialization.

Since 2009, Adare's partnerships have resulted in more than 60 product launches in 44 countries.

Taste masking technology platform

Adare offers proprietary technologies that provide taste masked products with a pleasant taste and excellent mouth-feel for patient appeal. These technologies include AdvaTab®, Liquitard®, and Microcaps®.

Customized drug release technology platform

The customized drug release technology platform consists of various technologies that provide a range of customized release profiles. These drug release profiles can be tailored to optimize a drug's therapeutic performance by improving efficacy and enhancing safety.

Patient acceptability and compliance can be increased through less frequent dosing. Adare's proprietary customized drug release technologies include Diffucaps®, Eurand Minitabs®, and Diffutab®.

Bioavailability enhancement technology platform

Adare provides technologies to enable and improve the bioavailability of drugs with low solubility or an extreme pH-dependent solubility profile.

The resulting formulations can offer effective oral dosing of poorly soluble drug candidates, equivalent therapy at lower doses, faster onset of action, and minimization of food effect. The bioavailability enhancement technologies provided by Adare include Biorise™ and Diffucaps® (solid solution or solid dispersion).

Collaborations and clients

The company meets its partners' business needs by offering technologies and resources for the development of new product formulations or licensing availability of existing product formulations (both Rx and OTC.)

Adare's partnership process provides its clients with an experienced management team across all functions and stages of the product development cycle.

Adare has a multinational infrastructure and integrated R&D and manufacturing facilities in the US and Europe, thereby delivering global solutions to companies in various regions worldwide. 

The company's global business development and licensing teams aim to provide flexible deal structures to help maximize its partners' interests.

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