Frequently Asked Questions


My business is already on your website, but how can I claim it or edit it?
Can I create a Free Listing?
How do I create a Listing?
What are the features if I list my company?
What's the purpose of "Service Provider" listing?
How do I management my business listing?
Can I upgrade to a higher level of "Service Provider" or "Silver" level Listing?
What if a listing has incorrect information listed?
Where do you get your listing information?

Help with Creating Listings

What are the Rules for Creating Listings
We have multiple offices in various states or continents and so we are based in multiple locations. How do we show this and provide office addresses for locations other than the primary address?
I can't find a Category that is suitable for my Product/ Service?
What are the Rules with regards to Category selection?
Can I upload Videos?
I am an Overseas Supplier? Can I list in the PharmaChemical Directory?

Browsing Directory

How can I contact a Supplier via the Listing?
Can I browse PharmaChemical Directory by Company?
How can I sign up to your newsletter?
How many Newsletters do you send?

Your Account

I have forgotten my password. How do I retrieve it?
How do I change my display name, profile picture, logo, image, email and password?
What do you with my personal information?


Who do I contact to report a problem?

Rating & Reviews

Why does let people rate and review businesses?
Does moderate reviews?
How should businesses handle negative reviews?

Cancellation, Deletion & Refunds

I don't want my Company Listed on Water Directory. Can you delete my Listing?
Can you Refund my Listing Fees?


How to add youtube videos on my listing